I spent 3 days in Amsterdam visiting D&A, coffeeshops, and just wandering around. Amsterdam is a great city and every time I visit I appreciate it a bit more. It seems that every street in "the pie" (official name: Centrum) has something interesting to see.

Then, an evening Thalys train to Brussels where I spent the night because of mismatched train schedules. This gave me a couple of hours to wander around so I visited the Grand Place, which is indeed grand in both the English and French meanings of the word.

This morning, I boarded my last train: a Eurostar to London St. Pancreas Pancras. Britain is a weird country – they’re proud of the strangest things. There’s a plaque in the station commemorating its first high speed rail line, opened in 2007! Really, aren’t they ashamed it took them so long? Oh well, still better than Canada.

I suppose technically my last train was actually a London Underground train to the airport. As I entered the tube station, I heard an announcement that "Apart from planned engineering works, the London Underground is operating normally." This is rare enough that you need to announce it?

OK, enough of that. 1908 km to home, and we’re moving faster than any passenger train ever has :)