I was recently perusing the alt.suicide.holiday Methods File, which caused me to wonder (not for the first time) how I’d go about it if I decided to snuff it.

(Note: I’m not actually suicidal at all. I have a plan B for if I ever become totally sick of the computer industry and can’t figure out anything else useful to do with my life. This was inspired by the crazy woman who lived below me on Cathcart Street: become a total pothead. Spend life permanently stoned, take some crappy job, and don’t have any other concerns. So don’t worry about me, unless I become a total pothead. There’s no plan B from there.)

The best answer I’ve heard to this question was from Phil, a housemate at the time, who said he would choose hanging since it’s traditional and also fairly reliable. I don’t know what my choice would be, but there’s something neat about a Tylenol overdose. Your fate is sealed after 12 hours or so, but you remain alive for another week or two. The horrible side effects during this period are a bit of a bummer though.