Thursday morning, I took the catheter out.. ~8cm under skin. I followed Dr. Katan’s advice and started on the pain medication before removing it – good idea. Over the next 24h, I consumed about 12 Tylenol 3s. Ugh. I don’t understand why anyone would use codeine recreationally – it just makes me slow and uncoordinated.

Friday I took the bus out to see Dr. Liew, who explained what he did, etc. As far as I understand, the problems were that my shoulder ball could rotate a certain way then pop out forward because the capsule was loose. He fixed this by somehow attaching the ball to the capsule. It will still rotate, which is good, but not pop out. I don’t fully understand the explanation.. I’ll ask him to explain it again next time I see him. After that, I walked home via the market, which took a while but I had nothing better to do :) 3 t3s during the day, then 2 right before bed – finally a decent night’s sleep.

Saturday I walked to Ontario Medical Supply (near the train station) for a new immobilizer. The one I’ve been using over the years is almost completely worn out and the one they gave me after surgery sucks: it’s supported by an elastic waistband over my diaphragm, which is uncomfortable, and it doesn’t provide any elbow support. They only had a large, which was too big for me, but I bought it anyway and ordered a medium. I’m now using my old one with the straps from the new one, which is acceptable. Onto Advil.. 10 for the day. Not bad :)

It’s my right arm. These were taken using a mirror, but some are in 2 mirrors so the photo isn’t reversed.

Catheter setup + dressing:

Catheter setup + dressing + bad immobilizer:

Catheter, removed. Everything from halfway along the bloody part of the pad to the tip was under my skin. Quarter for scale.

Front incisions. There’s also a tiny one on the back where the camera went in.