If you sent email to me@modernduck.com between ~22:00 last night and ~9:00 this morning (Eastern), I might not get it until 9:00 Saturday morning. I screwed up my DNS and some servers have cached copies of the wrong information. If it’s urgent, email me at scjody@gmail.com.

I want to use Google Pages for the modernduck.com/www.modernduck.com website. I don’t do anything dynamic with the site, and I’d rather it be hosted somewhere reliable as opposed to at home on DSL (plus this way I can get off DSL and onto cable if I want.) I setup www.modernduck.com as a CNAME for ghs.google.com and everything was fine.

Then I stupidly set modernduck.com as a CNAME for the same thing… forgetting that setting a CNAME for that would affect everything on that domain, including MX records. I tried to set a low TTL, but it didn’t take for some reason and I ended up with my DNS provider’s default of 24h.

So, any DNS server that cached the incorrect CNAME might keep it for up to 24h. I fixed the problem at around 9am this morning after noticing that I couldn’t connect to the modernduck.com Jabber server (also hosted by Google.)

The BAD records look something like this:

;modernduck.com. IN A

modernduck.com. 59111 IN CNAME ghs.google.com.
ghs.google.com. 503280 IN CNAME ghs.l.google.com.
ghs.l.google.com. 165 IN A

l.google.com. 70958 IN NS d.l.google.com.

Currently, there is no A (or CNAME) record for modernduck.com but you can get an MX:

;modernduck.com. IN MX

modernduck.com. 85372 IN MX 10 aspmx5.googlemail.com.