I spent last night in the hospital, recovering from emergency surgery to fix a testicular torsion. Feel free to google that if you want to know what it is. Short version: it’s about as painful as it sounds.

WordPress doesn’t have a good way to hide parts of a post, so the somewhat gory details are on my old livejournal if you want to read them.

It was my first visit to a Montréal emergency room, so here’s some stuff I wish I’d known:

  1. The CHUM (U de M) hospitals are very French.  All the doctors I saw spoke perfect English but the nurses had varying abilities.  It’s a good thing my French is serviceable.  If yours isn’t, it’s probably best to head to a MUHC (McGill) hospital.
  2. 811 won’t tell you this.
  3. If you have a specific problem that is likely to require a specialist (e.g. testicular pain requiring a urologist), try to go to a hospital that has that kind of specialist.  Hotel Dieu didn’t, so they had to transfer me to Saint Luc.  If I’d gone there in the first place (or to a MUHC hospital with a urology department), I’d probably have been treated a lot more quickly.
  4. Again, 811 won’t tell you this.

Other than that, the emergency room was professionally run but very understaffed with long wait times.  I wasn’t surprised by the wait times, as apparently all Montréal hospitals have this problem.  Welcome to our underfunded medical system!

I’m doing fine now, but I’ll be taking it easy for the next while (no exercise for the next 2 weeks, boo.)