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I live in Montréal, Québec, Canada. I haven’t revised this in a while so a lot of it is way out of date!

I’m a cyclist and rock climber.  I bike almost everywhere, even in the winter, and own 5 1/2 bicycles. In 2000, I biked across Canada – 10000km in 3 months. I moved to my previous apartment entirely by human power.  I climb indoors all year, usually at Allez Up or Horizon Roc, and outdoors in season, usually at Montagne d’Argent or Rigaud.  If you want to join me or try it out, let me know!  Also, I occasionally go canoeing, skiing, or hiking.

I’m a bike mechanic, but I don’t do it for a living.  I might fix your bike if I have time :) Most of all, I like building and hacking things.  Everything can be enhanced beyond its original purpose!

I went to Burning Man – an art festival held nnually in the Nevada desert – in 2008 and 2009.  2008 was the first time I went, but that didn’t stop me from putting together an art project: The Church of Ceiling Cat.  Ceiling Cat and I were camped at Shadyvil, 8:45 and D.  I also attended PDF in spring 2009, camping with the poutine crew from Montréal.  In 2009 I helped run Midnight Poutine, the first Montréal-based theme camp, at 7:30 and B.  As the name suggests, we served poutine to hungry Burners – over 1000 throughout the week.  We had hour-long lineups around the block!

For work, I do computer stuff, specifically various things related to Linux.  This blog entry describes more or less what I’m working on these days in non-technical terms.  I was working for Cluster File Systems on the Lustre file system, then they got bought by Sun Microsystems.  Now I’m working with the same great team that existed at CFS (more or less) but mostly on the Linux kernel itself.  I used to maintain FireWire for Linux, but I haven’t had time to touch that in a few years.  I wish I did – I still find the technology cool and it’s still the best solution for professional-quality digital audio.

I like beer, especially good beer consumed with friends, and whisky, with or without the e. Also live music. Fortunately, these things can often be found in the same places.

I used to live in St. John’s, Newfoundland, but left to go to Crazy Go Nuts University in Kingston, Ontario. Newfoundland is a great place but I’ve grown to appreciate the variety of life found only in bigger cities. After university I lived in Ottawa for 6 years, and now I’m in Montréal.  Ottawa is a great city and there’s lots to do (despite what you may have heard) but you really do have to look hard for it.  In Montréal, fun finds you!

I use the username “scjody” or my real name (Jody McIntyre) everywhere.  I am the only “scjody” in the world.  So if you see this username on a website, it’s either me or an imposter.

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