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LightI’ve been pondering buying a road bike for a few years now, since I do a lot of recreational road rides where one would be useful. Then cpirate bought one – so now I need one to be able to keep up with him. Plus while shopping for his, he discovered a rather good deal on an interesting bike, my size, roughly within my price range. Under those circumstances, how could I not buy it?

So I am now the proud owner of a 2002 Trek 5900 USPS (yes, that model.) It’s used but in excellent condition – ridden 10814 km by a rich old man who really took care of it. He also upgraded the wheels and tires very recently and hey, 2002 Dura-Ace is still Dura-Ace.

I can’t wait to ride it. I wonder if I can double the odometer reading this year? Snow, begone.

A couple of things I’ve promised to send people over the past few days:

For those of you who love Craigslist, here’s a disturbingly accurate parody.

Also, mainly for auzure_skies and jbailey, here’s what happens when you have a world famous violinist play anonymously in a busy subway station, and here’s some of the response.

Party, potluck party!


I haven’t had a party in a while, nobody’s had a potluck in a while, and my parents are in town. All good excuses to have a party!

When: Friday, April 13, 18:00 – ?
Where: 4104 Hotel-de-Ville, metro Mont-Royal
BYOB, bring food to share, and bring friends and wellwishers!

I’ve sent this out via Google Calendar. Let me know if you didn’t get the invitation – I probably just don’t have your email address, or it got caught as spam.

Ottawa people: you are (as usual) welcome to visit, but I’m going to be busy on the rest of the weekend and space will be tight.. don’t worry, there will be other parties.

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