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Too much travel

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I still haven’t uploaded photos from Paris, India, or Ireland (except this one.) I’m now on my way to Beijing. I got back to Montreal on Saturday night and have been feeling exactly like a zombie ever since. This morning: 8:00 flight to PEK via YVR means leave the house 6:00 means get up 5:30 – normally I’d be upset at having to get up so early but these are all just numbers right now.

Flying sucks. Nobody would ever do it if it didn’t take you cool places.

I’m at my aunt & uncle’s house in N. Ireland waiting for the rain to stop so I can go for a bike ride around the area. As you can see, I made it out of India intact (still no photo uploadage, sorry) and am now vacationing in the old country. On Friday, my cousin Allyson was successfully married and much partying ensued. I then spent a couple of days in Magherafelt, the small town where my parents were born, before heading out here with Dad. Our plan of extensive hiking over here was thwarted by Dad’s injured knee, but we were able to hike a few things including Sleive Leigh yesterday, which was great and hopefully allowed me to take at least one acceptable photo. Later today I am bussing to Dublin to visit Rob before heading home on Saturday – hope to see some of you at M&M’s party!

I’m in Mumbai for a few days for work. It’s… um… interesting and more than a bit overwhelming. I recently read some comments on visiting Thailand, that it was too bad everyone’s first experience had to be Bangkok: a big, busy city in a very different country. I’ve never been to Thailand but it seems Mumbai is the same way.

I’ll post more when I have the chance to upload a few photos. This entry can serve as the postcard entry – if you want a postcard, leave your address. Unless you did so on the Paris entry 2 weeks ago, in which case you’re getting one whether you want it or not :) I promise they’ll be less lame this time. Comments are screened.

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