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I finally got around to scanning this:

I found it in a gas station on the way back from Toronto in January, 2003.

I spent Saturday attempting to install Oracle for a client. Oracle sucks. I think the image says it all:

backdating entries?

Does anyone (at all) have any opinions for or against backdating entries? There’s a load of stuff from the past month or two that I’ve been meaning to blog, but I haven’t had time. Now I have time, but it would be weird to have half a dozen entries dated today, referring to events in the recent past.

Then again, noone’s going to read it so I’m sure it doesn’t matter.

What I don’t understand…

Why do Apple owners cling to the delusion that apples are “better machines”, bought from “a different kind of company”? Every company pulls shit like this, but Apple is unique in being able to do it and still have an evangelical following.

E.g. this dude, who is being actively screwed over by Apple, still refers to the Apple Store clerk using the Apple marketing term “Genius”. And I bet he’ll eventually replace his PowerBook with… another PowerBook.

(originally posted as a comment to this story)

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