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Personal Inbox Zero

It’s been a while coming, but I finally did it. So if you’ve been expecting an email reply from me and didn’t get it, I must have lost your message and please send it again :)

Cruella FYI

Cruella had a fire last night and will probably be closed for the next few months. Looks like it started in the shoe place on the corner (to the left.) The shoe place will probably have to be rebuilt, but Cruella looks like it will be fine as long as they have money in the bank (or insurance) to cover the repairs, smoke damage to clothes, etc.

Wildside Plans

The Wildside Festival is already well underway… here’s a chance to see some fringe and fringe-like plays you might have missed for 2x the price in a different theatre :)

I’m going to see everything I haven’t seen already:

  • The Sputniks, 21:00 Sunday January 18
  • The Ballad of the Young Offender, 19:00 Friday January 23
  • The Invisible Life Of Joseph Finch, 21:00 Friday January 23
  • The Shape of a Girl, 13:00 Caturday January 24

Anything not on my list is also worth seeing, I’ve just seen it already :)


I don’t have time to post the full itinerary, but I randomly flew to SFO on Sunday and I’m heading back to Montréal on Tuesday on the same overnight flights as obskura.

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