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Housewarming BBQ & Party

I realize I haven’t been here for a year yet, but I’ve unpacked most of my stuff, so it’s probably time for a
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    Saturday, September 9, 18:00
    4104 Hotel-de
-Ville, 7 minutes walk from Mont Royal metro.
    Booze, food for BBQ, friends, random people.

Update: I have a working BBQ, so bring food to grill if you like (or eat first and show up later of course :)

Pictures of walls

Geese For Peace
Many of these are neat.

Want a film camera?

OK, my friends list gets first dibs, then it goes to Montreal Freecycle if necessary.

Both the camera and lens have seen a fair bit of abuse and I wouldn’t feel comfortable selling them because of that, but they work.


This is my old Nikon F-601 35mm SLR.  I’ve used it only rarely since buying the F100, and now that I have a D200 I don’t expect to use it at all.   It’s an older autofocus model with flash, fairly solidly built but the autofocus and drive are loud and slow compared to modern cameras.

  • Modes: 2 program modes, aperture priority, shutter priority, full manual
  • Focusing: continuous autofocus, single autofocus, manual
  • Metering: 5 zone matrix, centre-weighted, or spot
  • Drive: 1.2 or 2 FPS continuous, or single
  • Battery: CR-P2 or DL223A lithium, lasts 10-20 rolls for me, $15-20
  • Lenses: Accepts all Nikon AF lenses except possibly G series (which lack an external aperture ring), as well as manual focus Nikon F-mount lenses in aperture priority and manual modes without matrix metering.
  • Flash: builtin 28mm flash, TTL metering, has external flash mount and will do TTL metering with appropriate lenses.
  • Self timer: 2-30 seconds, 1-2 frames
  • Accessories: 3rd party manual, cable release, strap, eyepiece cover, fairly new battery
  • Missing accessories: lens mount cover


Tamron 28-80mm autofocus f/3.5-5.6, focuses to 0.7m, Nikon AF mount.  Works with the above camera or any other F-mount Nikon (as far as I know.)  This isn’t a great lens – if you’re getting into film photography, I recommend picking up a 50mm f/1.4 and working from there.  But it does the job.  Has a removable lens hood and both caps.


I have about 4 rolls of B&W print film and some Sensia 100 (slide) that I’m never going to use.

I’d prefer to give this all away as a package, but let me know if you only have a use for some of it.  You can come get this in Montreal or Ottawa, or I’ll ship it if you pay for that.

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