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Quick update from Amsterdam (yeah, you read that correctly):

  • Oktoberfest is fun – everything I expected.  I found friendly Australians and Germans to drink with, etc.
  • I drank far too much on Tuesday.  I lost count, but my best guess is 7-8 litres of beer.  I didn’t think that was even possible for me.  On my way to a nightclub with some locals, I got sick, left the train, then eventually took a different train home.  In the rain.
  • On Wednesday, I woke up with the worst hangover of my life.  In a slightly leaky tent, in the rain.
  • Sigh. Rain.
  • Eventually dragged self to downtown Munich in the rain, bought food and an umbrella, read book in a cafe.
  • Thursday: still not 100%.  Wandered around Munich, bought a train ticket, took a few photos, went to Oktoberfest for a few hours.  Night train to Amsterdam, because it’s not raining here and beds on trains are dry.

So there you go :)  More interesting entry to follow when I don’t have a city to explore and coffee shops to evaluate.

Acquisition; Oktoberfest!

My employer is being bought by Sun Microsystems. Overall, I think this is a good thing. I know Sun hasn’t been the best Linux / Open Source player, but they have done a lot of good when you look at it. We’re going to be part of the systems group, whose mission is basically “Sell Sun hardware – we don’t care what it runs.” So we’re not going to be dropping Linux support any time soon, and the acquisition should free us up to work on Lustre more. I was in SFO about a month ago to meet with Sun (it was a secret at the time) and the environment there seems very positive towards CFS and what we’re doing.

In other news, I’m going to Oktoberfest from September 24-30. I should still be able to make tree climbing and baprime and mricon‘s reception. Surprisingly, a few cheap plane tickets were still available as of this morning, and I’ve found a couple of campgrounds that are a short train ride from the festival grounds.

Why this trip? Well, for the past few weeks, I’ve had a growing desire to “go somewhere, do something.” On Monday especially, I could hear aircraft fairly loudly from my office and I kept thinking “Why am I not on that flight? Where’s it going? Is that the direct flight to Munich?” Also, the deciding factor was yesterday, when I found out CFS is buying out our vacation (which I’ve been hoarding) so I have to use it or lose it :) Anyway, I like doing things at the last minute. This should be fun!


Apparently RAMROD is not a movable feast. It will be happening on Saturday the 22nd, which means I’m not going to xkcd day – but the rest of you should still go…

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of RAMROD, it is the Ride Around Mount Royal in One Day. Every year, Vélo Québec organizes a ride they call “le Tour de l’ÃŽle”. Unfortunately, it’s not actually a tour of the island, but rather a small section somewhere in the middle. RAMROD, on the other hand, is a real tour in that we will ride on the closest available road or trail to the water, all the way around.

cpirate did both halves on separate days last year. Unfortunately, doing that adds about 30km to each day—we live in the middle of the island so there’s a bunch of extra riding to the edge. Therefore, if we cut out some of that, the whole island is actually a very reasonable day’s ride. Plus we have better bikes this year :)

“The calves retained their golden color and were not yet resigned to the fact of their bisonhood. They frolicked and ran—”I’m going to be a gazelle!”—and acted not at all the stolid beasts they would become.”

— Tim Cahill, Pecked to Death by Ducks

XKCD day

Is anyone else interested in driving to Boston on the weekend of the 22nd for XKCD day? I’m currently a “maybe” since RAMROD is scheduled for the Saturday, but I figured I should see who else is interested. I’m not doing that long of a drive on my own.


  • It’s about a 6 hour drive. We need a car. I’ll rent one if necessary.
  • Drive out Saturday. I have offers of couch/floor space for the night.
  • Drink at the CBC.
  • Drive back Sunday evening.
  • If you’re in Ottawa, you take the bus or train here and stay on one of my many spare beds on Friday and/or Sunday nights as necessary.

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