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Aslan passed away this morning. I’m sad. He was such a great cat.

I can’t find a good photo right now but here he is:


Goodbye fluffy dude.

And we’re off again!

It’s been a busy and surprisingly stressful 2 weeks of preparation, but I’m finally ready to drive to Burning Man.

Robin and I are driving as far as Toronto then I’ll continue via the I80 to San Francisco then back to Black Rock City. I’ll take a longer and more interesting route on the way home!

I’m driving a cargo van packed with all our gear. It’s a pretty funny vehicle, and you’ll see why when I finally get my photo taken with it! It’s a GMC Savana 3500 cargo van, which I like to think of as the Xtracycle of cars. It’s old and a bit beaten up, so I’m allowing a couple days for repairs on the way. Wish me luck!

Best window ever!

This morning, on a random street a few blocks from where I’m staying in Montréal, I found a window that produces tabby cats!

While walking along, I spotted a tabby lounging by the sidewalk in front of the window. I stopped to pet him and he started purring. After about 15 seconds, another tabby came out of the window and came up to be petted. I was already quite happy with this window, but then a third one appeared! Unfortunately this kitty was skittish and didn’t want to join in the fun.

Much as I was enjoying the company of the two friendly cats, I figured I should leave lest more tabbies appear. I didn’t want to cause a tabby overload or disrupt the forces of the universe too much.

Finally: a plane.

I spent 3 days in Amsterdam visiting D&A, coffeeshops, and just wandering around. Amsterdam is a great city and every time I visit I appreciate it a bit more. It seems that every street in “the pie” (official name: Centrum) has something interesting to see.

Then, an evening Thalys train to Brussels where I spent the night because of mismatched train schedules. This gave me a couple of hours to wander around so I visited the Grand Place, which is indeed grand in both the English and French meanings of the word.

This morning, I boarded my last train: a Eurostar to London St. Pancreas Pancras. I suppose technically my last train was actually a London Underground train to the airport. And now I’m on a plane! 1908 km to home, and we’re moving faster than any passenger train ever has :)

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