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Juergen found this today:

Big Wheels in Canadian Cycling
posed for this 1898 photo before pedaling themselves and their gargantuan trike to the next town. It literally took six men and a boy to propel the contraption, whose rear wheels measured 14 feet in diameter. In wet weather, it was reported, the trike was a holy terror, with a marked tendency to skid out of control on its smooth balloon tires.

(originally from but it’s since disappeared.)

w00t, I haxx0red!

If you haven’t seen the new matrix movie, don’t bother with theatres. Grab
the DivX ;-) and skip all the boring philosophical crap, etc.

Human Powered Matrix

So when saving the keymaker, wouldn’t they have been better off driving a
Greenspeed trike
instead of that odd looking station wagon? Trinity and Morpheus are at
least somewhat superhuman and thus should be able to outpedal any
fossil fuelled vehicle…

The freaky haired dudes could have been riding some sort of
tall bike
and wouldn’t Trinity have looked good on a
fixed gear?
Link, I need a crash course in breaking a
Stocks lock.

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