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Google Maps now does Montréal transit directions. Finally!

Though I wish I could tell it “don’t bother with a 3 minute bus ride; I’ll walk” or that Mont-Royal is only 7 minutes from here, not 11.

Update: ah, you sorta can do the first one by telling it to go to the métro station of your choice, not your actual destination.

a clean inbox is the sign of a sick mind

OK, on the left is my work inbox.  I finally replied to everything that needed a reply, so everything there came in today, less than 3 hours ago.

Except: whoah, there are 2 messages from the future!

Oh, right, timezones.  That’s not nearly as fun.

I’m also down to the last 5 messages in my personal inbox.. I’ve said I’m going to reply to all of them before, but now I mean it.  I now get 2 automatic emails a week reminding me to… answer email.  Yes.  Progress.  Maybe I’m from the future!

Sometimes I travel for fun

Fri Oct 24: driving to New York City
Attending NYC Decom
Mon Oct 27: driving back to Montréal

Fri Nov 14, 11:45: Via  61, Montréal-Toronto, arr 16:42
Attending T-comp
Sun Nov 16, 18:35: Via 668, Toronto-Montréal, arr 00:18

Dec 22, 20:30: AC  632, YUL-YYT, arr 00:27 Dec 23
Dec 26, 14:20: AC  653, YYT-YHZ, arr 15:40
Dec 26, 16:10: AC 8865, YHZ-YUL, arr 16:54

Happy adoptionversary, Newton

Happy adoptionversary, newtonthecat. Come visit any time!

Church of Ceiling Cat photos & words

Here are all the Church of Ceiling Cat photos I know of. I was planning to take more on Sunday night, but we ended up taking everything down on Sunday morning.

And here are the words…

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