I just bought a house. Buying a house is a lengthy process but my closing date was today, which means it’s legally mine and I have the keys.


I bought the house on the right.  It’s the same construction as the houses on the left but it needs a lot more love and attention.  It’s what’s called “fixer upper”, which is what I was looking for.  I don’t want to pay for someone else’s renovations and taste.  I want to renovate a place the way I want :)

It’s a 3 story duplex with a fully finished basement, so there are actually 2 units with 2 full floors of 600 square feet each.  There’s also a 700 square foot backyard!  Those of you who live in other places may not think this is much, but I assure you it’s huge for Le Plateau Mont-Royal (my favourite neighbourhood in my favourite city).  I’m not sure when I’ll be moving in – both floors are currently rented – but hopefully soon!

And of course I have so many projects.  I need to do some fairly boring things immediately, like change one of the water heaters, and I’m having the roof replaced in the next few days.  Next spring I hope to build a shed for Bicycle Storage and Large Projects, both things that have been lacking in my life of late.  Then, next time I get bored of the computer industry, I’ll take over the whole building and renovate ALL THE THINGS.  I plan on taking “eccentric homeowner” to the next level.  Just to warn you…

PS if you’re reading this on Facebook, they have decided to stop importing blog posts starting in about a week.  So if you want to read future posts from me, you’ll need to go to my blog directly or read it with an RSS reader like Google Reader.