I went to Frostburn last weekend. It was pretty fun, but also pretty freezing. The highlights for me were my campmate Steph deep frying All The Things, eating at the White Dragon Noodle Bar, seeing our campmate Mick’s flame effects, and hanging out with the rest of the Totenkitten Empire.

The big downside was the cold.. it was too cold for Seth’s usually amazing flame effects to run at anything near their full glory, and the cold kept me from doing a lot of the things I normally enjoy at burner events. It also meant that a lot of things happened inside heated tents, which made it hard to know what was worth going to: “If I go all the way over there, will there be people in the tent? And will they be doing interesting things? Or is everyone there way too drunk to be interesting?”

Also, the big burn on Saturday night was a huge letdown – they built a giant sculpture and set it on fire, and it burned so slowly that it was actually boring. And our neighbours (whom we nicknamed Bad Music Camp) kept us awake with extremely loud… well… bad music.

All in all, I don’t think I’ll go back to Frostburn. It was fun but not amazing, and burner events should be amazing.

Liz posted her photos here (you might need a Facebook account to see them, but they’re “public”).