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Two short(ish) trips

Fri Apr  4, 16:50: LX   87, YUL-ZRH, arr  6:15 Apr 5
Fri Apr  5,  7:30: LX  974, ZRH-TXL, arr  8:55
Thu Apr 10,  6:05: LH  171, TXL-FRA, arr  7:15
Thu Apr 10, 10:25: LH 9640, FRA-YUL, arr 12:25

(weekend in Montreal, w00t)

Sun Apr 13, 16:25: AA 1609, YUL-ORD, arr 17:45
Sun Apr 13, 18:40: AA 1513, ORD-DEN, arr 20:15
Thu Apr 17, 16:49: UA  938, DEN-ORD, arr 20:10
Thu Apr 17, 20:55: UA 7636, ORD-YUL, arr 23:58

Catching up

I’ve been bad at returning emails (and other similar messages) for years. I’m trying an experiment to do something about it.

From now on, I’m spending 30 minutes per day catching up on email, answering blog comments, and replying to entries. If I run out of all of those, I’ll start new email conversations with people I’ve been meaning to write to for a while, sort and post some of my huge backlog of photos, write blog entries, etc. There’s lots to keep me busy and happy.

How will I find 30 minutes per day? Easy. I’ll do it when I’m “supposed” to be working, like now, and make up the work time later. Yes, this means I might have to work an hour or two on Saturday. C’est la vie…

Steve’s getting married!

May 23, 21:05: AC 632, YUL-YYT, arr 00:59 May 24
May 26, 19:00: AC 655, YYT-YHZ, arr 20:10
May 26, 21:20: AC 671, YHZ-YUL, arr 21:52

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