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Utilities, by John K. Samson

I’m not sure where I first heard this, but the first time I remember hearing it was when John K. Samson played it during a solo act at
The Black Sheep Inn.
He played it again tonight with
the rest of the band, and I figured I should transcribe the lyrics. The only place I can find a recording of it is on
CBC Radio 3 as a low quality flash file (which I can’t link to directly (damn you flash.))


Got this feeling that today doesn’t like me
Though the air tastes like flowers and paint
There’s a sink full of bottles and cutlery
And the car’s got a list of complaints
I just wish I were a toothbrush or a solder gun
Make me something somebody can use.

We can wish on the pop of a lightbulb
Or those photos lying yellow and curled
Loose in boxes near abandoned electronics
In the corners of the basements of the world
Guess our wishes don’t do dishes or brake repair
Make them something somebody can use.

Got a face full of ominous weather
Smirking smile of a high pressure ridge
Got more faults than the state of California
And the heart is a badly built bridge
Seems the most I have to offer doesn’t offer much
Make it something somebody can use.

Make this something somebody can use.

Note that you canshould also buy CBC Radio 3 Sessions Volume 1, which includes this track among other awesomeness.

Best ex-landlord letter ever…

Bunny Suicides. I think the best part about these is how many there are.

This has been around for over 4 years but I haven’t seen it before (and I used to read slashdot back then.) 3D renderings of function/variable dependencies in the Linux kernel. The neat stuff are the mpegs of the evolution of the kernel over time – you can actually see bloat happening. Too bad he hasn’t updated it for 2.6.anything, but since it falls into the category of “useless but pretty”, I’m not surprised.

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