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The GNUpg announce list just sent me a microsoft email worm. It claimed to be From: the author of GnuPG, and so slipped right through.

If even the GnuPG people think it’s a good idea to use From: for authentication purposes, we are truly fucked.

Update: A message to the GnuPG Announce list about the worm, sent by the author of GnuPG. The worm message its self does not appear in the archives.

Last night, jedix celebrated his birthday. The plan was to predrink at Drumlins then head to see Siobhan. Since Drumlins happens to be my local, he parked by my place and we walked over.

Jedix had quite the night. Between breaking glassware, annoying the entire female population of the dance floor, and eventually getting kicked out, he managed to lose his cell phone. Somehow I ended up with it.

< jedix> so, scjody any messages? ;) 21:44
<@scjody> Strangely enough, someone just called. 21:53
< jedix> whom?
<@scjody> Xxxxxx 555-9379. I didn’t answer. 21:54
< jedix> oh dear
< jedix> alright, I’ll come and get it.. 21:59

can you call me a cab? 22:00
< mort_> jedix, do you not have a home phone?
< jedix> nope

why would I have a home phone? i live alone 22:01
< mort_> I dunno. 22:02
< jedix> that would be redundent, wouldn’t it?
< jedix> yeah, can you call a cab to 2201 xxxxxxxx? 22:05
<@kyle> scjody, i could bring over my tools, and we could bring him his car. ;) 22:06
<@scjody> You’re going to take a cab here? Why didn’t you just do that last night?
< jedix> take a cab there last night and drive while I couldn’t walk?

oh you mean to your place 22:07

i dunno

So here I am, 24 hours later, with jedix’s only phone, that he’s coming to get in a cab I called.

<@kyle> man last night was weird.
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