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Hoosic River Ride

Last Saturday was the annual Hoosic River Ride – my third time on the ride, and it’s definitely the highlight of my riding season. cpirate and dfcarney, do try and come next year. I assure you it’s worth the drive. This year was my first time on an actual road bike. I was pleased to discover that my bike, despite having no granny gear, can actually climb, mostly by being really light. I got a flat in the parking lot and started 10 minutes after everyone else, but still managed to pass about half the riders on the first hill.

And yeah, I got back from there at 4 today, worked until 9, returned the car I borrowed for the weekend, and now I’m reading LJ briefly before bed. That’s pretty much how the past month and a bit have been for me. During the week: work, fun (planned in advance), sleep, repeat. Weekend: all fun (planned in advance of course.) So sorry to everyone I haven’t seen or talked with in a while. Life happens :)

It’s way too hot.

“heat wave”:

random whining:

  • Yesterday was the first time ever that I couldn’t eat an ice cream cone quickly enough to stop it from melting down my hand (I eat quickly.)
  • Last night, I got to sleep OK, but then the smoke detector woke me up at 3:30 for no apparent reason. Then I couldn’t sleep.
  • Apparently installing an air conditioner in this apartment in any way that isn’t a brutal hack requires a split unit. That means professional installation and $1500-$2000. So even if I was willing to stick it to the environment, that’s way too much $ for the 5 days a year when I actually need one.

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