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nodnol 871 selim

Sun Oct  5, 21:40: BA 94, YUL-LHR, arr  9:05 Oct 6
Thu Oct  9, 19:40: BD 92, LHR-BHD, arr 21:00
Fri Oct 10, 14:50: parents arrive on BD 86
Sun Oct 12, 13:15: BD 87, BHD-LHR, arr 14:30
Sun Oct 12, 17:40: BA 95, LHR-YUL, arr 19:45

LHR for work, BHD to visit family. Unfortunately, I’m not actually working in London but a suburb 1-1.5h out. So I’ll probably only be in London itself on Monday and I’ll be jetlagged and useless. Oh well.

For reference: it is possible to ride 47km at ludicrous speed with 3 of the best apple pies in the world in a shoulderbag, and have them arrive almost completely intact.

Boulder for work

Tue Sep 30, 17:40: AC  525, YUL-ORD, arr 19:05
Tue Sep 30, 20:02: UA  959, ORD-DEN, arr 21:34
Fri Oct  3, 19:33: UA  256, DEN-ORD, arr 22:50
Sat Oct  4,  9:40: AC 8694, ORD-YUL, arr 12:43

Unfortunately, I can’t get home on Friday night.. so it was either stay in Chicago, or stay in Boulder and get home even later. So I’m staying at the airport Hilton, which I’ve always wanted to do anyway for some reason. Note to onlookers: you can talk me into almost anything by pointing out that “it’s an adventure.”

Somewhat back

I’ve been back since Wednesday evening, but still not back to normal: I haven’t caught up on sleep, I’m behind on work, and there’s still a mountain of dirty gear in my living room. Which is too bad since there are interesting things planned for every evening this week. I’ll go to as many of those as I can.

Apparently, people took photos, and I’ll link to those once they’re uploaded. I might even have time to write up something, but not right now…

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