Quick update from Amsterdam (yeah, you read that correctly):

  • Oktoberfest is fun – everything I expected.  I found friendly Australians and Germans to drink with, etc.
  • I drank far too much on Tuesday.  I lost count, but my best guess is 7-8 litres of beer.  I didn’t think that was even possible for me.  On my way to a nightclub with some locals, I got sick, left the train, then eventually took a different train home.  In the rain.
  • On Wednesday, I woke up with the worst hangover of my life.  In a slightly leaky tent, in the rain.
  • Sigh. Rain.
  • Eventually dragged self to downtown Munich in the rain, bought food and an umbrella, read book in a cafe.
  • Thursday: still not 100%.  Wandered around Munich, bought a train ticket, took a few photos, went to Oktoberfest for a few hours.  Night train to Amsterdam, because it’s not raining here and beds on trains are dry.

So there you go :)  More interesting entry to follow when I don’t have a city to explore and coffee shops to evaluate.