I helped my sister move a bunch of her stuff a while back, including books
from her undergraduate degree in political science. Many of these books
have semi-interesting titles:

  • The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World
  • The Search for Modern China
  • The Lexus and The Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization

I tried to read a few and discovered that most of these books are just
as dense and boring as the books I had to read for my engineering degree (the last
one being a notable exception – go read it :) Imagine if CS/engineering texts
had better names:

  • The Beast Inside: Microelectronic Circuits
  • Sand is Useful: Physics of Semiconductor Devices
  • Blinding Pain: Fundamentals of Complex Analysis with Applications

I probably still wouldn’t have read any of them, but at least I’d have
an interesting bookshelf.