While Bill Gates was busy impressing the ladies, a new computer was briefly discussed on Usenet:

Any opinions on the new Commodore 64 computer.  I’ve seen it and it looks pretty neat.

        (i)     it comes with 64K of memory standard
        (ii)    in highest graphics resolution it has 320 X 200 pixels.
                In lower resolutions you can display 16 colors
                simultaneously, but the number of simultaneous colors
                goes down with increased resolution.

Yes, I have had a Comodore 64 for some time now. It was given to me
by Commodore people so I can put some software up on it. Let me
also say I am impressed with the machine:

– It has a nice keyboard, well laid out with two different control keys.
(ie. a META key if you like)

At $600 for 64K in the USA, I expect we’ll see a lot of these.