Signs you’re in Europe #764: Soft drink: 1.70. Heineken: 2.00. Might as well have the Heineken.

Today, I got up in time to check out (still not enough sleep), took the 10:59 sneltrain to Den Haag, and retrieved my bike. Unfortunately I lost my claim tag in the meantime so they made me pay 1.00 extra, show ID, and fill out a form. I’m not sure how this helps them recover a bike if it does get stolen.. how are they going to track me based on an Ontario license plus an address (which could be fake)? Oh well.

Rode to Rotterdam, stopping for lunch in Delft. Not too far a ride. I’m tired though and need to do laundry.

I also have no email access.. need to install squirrelmail at home. Mindterm doesn’t work everywhere.