Thursday was Sangria, last night was beer, tonight I suppose I need to drink Cacaça or something. Last night after a late supper, I ended up finding an Irish pub of all places and drank Guinness to wash out the evil taste of the Spanish beer I had earlier. This place is certainly no Germany.

This morning, went to the conference and some meetings and also walked around the trade show floor. Highlights: Manley had a booth, Dangerous had a working demo of most of their products (can anyone lend me $5500 for a mixing controller?), Yamaha had a PM-1D they were letting people mess with, Audio Prism had a whole load of their $10000 8×8 BridgeCo-based converters (most BridgeCo-based boxes are <$1000 but these boxes are reportedly worth it if you're serious about quality and reliablilty) and that's about all I remember that was especially cool. Lots of companies showing off $proprietary_digital_mixer_and_or_network systems. Ugh. On the bright side, I´m pretty sure I have or can get everything I need to make mLAN work on Linux. Walked the long wy back along the beach after the conference and... that´s about it.