This morning when I walked up to my PC it was running xscreensaver as usual. It was showing “phosphor” so I stopped to read the text.. which was several paragraphs about choosing the right kind of printer. Note to whoever: nobody cares if you buy an inkjet or laser. Your good friends may pretend to care but that’s it.

Since when does xscreensaver use random geek blogs as a source of text? Apparently these come from Planet Debian, so I’m guessing this is a Debian “improvement”. Who the hell thought that would be more interesting than Fortune? Even random livejournal is more interesting in that “watching a car wreck” kind of way.

Does anyone here have a blog on Planet Debian? How about posting some explicit sexual escapades, real or imaginary. Bonus points if you configure your web server to only send them when Planet Debian is reading.