I just rearranged my plans so I can attend the Yamayaki fire festival in Nara tomorrow!

This morning, I rode out to the Gekkeikan sake brewery.  I didn’t have a map or any real idea of the address, but I had:

  1. A rough idea of where it is in the city and what train stations are nearby
  2. A bicycle
  3. Gumption!

I made it there in about 90 minutes.  The ride home only took about 40 because I knew where I was going.

But anyway, I know you’ve all been wondering: when is he going to post more photos of food on a stick?? Well, feast your eyes on this feast:


The stuff in the middle is kushikatsu, a regional speciality.  It’s battered and deep fried food of all sorts.  From L to R: quail egg, shrimp, beef, Kansai green pepper, chicken.  The stuff on the left is yakitori, which wasn’t as good as the time I went to Yurakucho.

Kushi means (more or less) “skewered.”  You’ll love the kanji for it: 串.  Nom!