My first shinkansenI just arrived in Kyoto.  I took the Nozomi – the fastest kind of shinkansen – which took just over 2 hours from Shinagawa station.  I’ll be here for at least the next 4 days…

My last few days in Tokyo were interesting.  It was nice to be able to explore the city a bit while being free of work (last Friday was my last day.)  Highlights were finding the Pink Cow, a bar run by an ex-Californian, finally making it to a public bath (I think this one was an onsen but I’m not positive), and locating a geocache in a suburban park with an AWESOME fountain.

Hopefully I’ll have a chance to blog about those things in detail (and upload some photos) but not now.  My priorities while travelling are:

  1. having adventures!
  2. planning upcoming adventures.
  3. documenting past adventures.

The train trip to Kyoto was barely long enough to do #2.  Every adventure needs downtime so there will be time for #3 eventually.  Just not now :)