I love getting & sending postcards, and I’m in Tokyo for a while… therefore: postcards for postcards.

If you want postcards from me during my travels, please do 2 things:

  1. Send me your address – even if you sent it before because I don’t have it now.
  2. Send me a postcard! The address here is:
    Jody McIntyre
    Room number 108
    Lions Mansion Hiroo dai 2
    3chome-36-13 Ebisu
    Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Tips for people who don’t send postcards often:

  • You need international postage. Currently $1.65 in Canada – you can’t just stick a “P” stamp on. Well, you could stick 4 “P” stamps on, but that would be wasteful.
  • Write the address and stick the stamp on before you write anything else, or you might forget and run out of room.
  • If you ever have to write a bunch of postcards, it’s more fun if you get good and drunk first!