BOSS coffeeBOSS Coffee (rainbow mountain blend)

LABEL: 8/10.  You have a rainbow, you have some coffee beans, you have the BOSS, a surly character.  The label also promises Guatemalan Coffee, which Verbel Kint in The Usual Suspects says is the best coffee in the world.

TEMPERATURE: 8/10.  It came from a vending machine in a can, and it was warm.  I love this country!  Not as warm as it could have been though – perhaps the machine was miscalibrated.

TASTE: 6/10.  Drinkable, but whatever it’s sweetened with is a bit unpleasant.  (Tastes a bit like corn syrup, but I don’t think it is.)  Doesn’t really taste Guatemalan either.

POTENCY: 3/10.  It woke me up a bit, but I needed a double espresso from Starbucks to stop me from falling asleep 2 hours later.

OVERALL: 6/10. Would buy again, but only if the other coffees were sold out.