We love snow!, originally uploaded by scjody.

I said I wished it would snow while I was in Tokyo (I still do – it only snows every few years.) This isn’t what I meant though.

I found these guys on a random walk through Shibuya (the “city” in Tokyo where I live) on Age Day. This is the day when everyone who’s turned 20 in the past year is invited to attend a “coming of age” ceremony, usually at the local city hall.  The fun part is that many of the attendees were dressed in traditional Japanese Kimono.

Anyway, these guys were different.  They were making snow using a machine that crushes ice and blows it out. Then, as far as I can tell, the plan was to paint “WE L♥VE SNOW” on it and take photos of people standing on it as part of something complicated called an “Eco-Action.” A google-translated article is here.

Enjoy a taste of the WTF that is Tokyo!