OK, back to Kyoto! Robin and I met up there after separate side trips from Hiroshima: she wanted to see Himeji Castle and I wanted to see the Mazda assembly line.

Kyoto was a great place to spend our last few days in Japan. I took Robin to Kurama and Kibune, we visited some of Kyoto’s temples and shrines (including the awesome Fushimi Inari and the Tofuku-ji zen garden) and made it to the flea market at Kitano Tenmangu shrine, where Robin bought a skirt.

Kyoto is a wonderful place – so many traditional-style buildings and yet so modern too. And the weather cooperated: 3 days of sun! Strange that we got good weather in Kyoto but not Tokyo…

Now we’re on UA 875 to Singapore. It feels weird to be leaving Japan after so long, and weird to be on United in a place so foreign. So well, that’s it. Goodbye Japan, and see you again someday!