LOGO: 9/10. It’s a mother cat carrying a kitten! This logo is everywhere in Japan, as recognizable to Japanese people as the Coca Cola logo. 1 point off because the logo on their vehicles is usually fairly small.

URL: 10/10. It means "Black Cat Yamoto", not something boring like "Yamato Transport Company" like you might expect.

CONVENIENCE: 10/10. There are Yamato drop off locations every few blocks in cities and everywhere else in Japan. They’ll pick packages up too.

PRICE: 9/10. Â¥950 for a COD next day delivery from Osaka to Tokyo, about 500km. Try that with FedEx…

AVAILABILITY OF CHANGE: 4/10. Japan is a cash-based society, and I’ve never had a problem giving even street vendors a Â¥10000 (about $100) bill and getting a pile of change. Until now. The driver didn’t have change, and only I had Â¥10000 bills and Â¥850 in coins!

SERVICE FROM DRIVER: 9/10. He was willing to come back later in the day at a time of my choosing and he gave me his cell phone number. Apparently this is also written on their "we missed you" delivery slips.

OVERALL: 9/10. Would ship with them again in a second! Go black cat company!