Robin and I are in Beijing, taking a much needed break from moving every few days. Also I’m still getting ready for the rest of my trip… cycling in Tibet and the Trans-Siberian.

So… how we got here, in brief: from Dali, we took the bus to Kunming, the train to Guilin, then a short bus ride to Yangshuo. One last day of climbing on the wonderful limestone peaks we’ve been roughly following all the way since Tonsai, then back on the bus and on another train to Hong Kong. Robin went to an amusement park in Guangshuo while I spent another day in HK hiking on Lantau Island, and we met up in Shanghai. A brief tour of the city and expo, then another train to Beijing.

So many stories, and so many photos… I do have 48h of train time (Beijing -> Xining then Xining -> Lhasa) coming up so hopefully I’ll make a dent in the backlog…

Oh yeah, and I’m flying back to MontrĂ©al on August 2nd. I miss you all :)