• Toyota pretty well owns the market for saloon cars (almost always Camry) and pickup trucks. Hyundai is the brand of choice for minivans.
  • Honda is doing well too: they have a huge share of the small (100-125cc) motorcycle market, which is a popular way to get around in most places, and the dominant vehicle choice in Vietnam. I’ve seen signs at parking lots giving prices for "Hon Da" instead of the correct word, which is "Xe Mai."
  • In some cities, the Internet Explorer logo is used on signs to mean "Internet Café." I thought the Internet Explorer logo just meant viruses and incompatibility. I’m very glad to be travelling with my own laptop.
  • I often see signs advertising that a restaurant or tourist attraction has been recommended by Lonely Planet or Rough Guide. Are they really the final arbitrers of quality in the world?
  • Here’s an even more interesting series of restaurants:

    3 restaurants...

    The one on the left was actually recommended by Lonely Planet and Rough Guide. The other two are squatting on its reputation and lying about the recommendations.

  • And then there are the testimonials. Many independent guides carry around testimonial books, which are full of glowing recommendations written in all sorts of languages by past clients. Motorcycle tour guide Minh Thu of Café on Thu Wheels takes this a step further: her whole restaurant is covered in testimonials: