I’m currently in Lhasa.. I arrived 2 nights ago on the train from Xining.

There’s much less Internet access here than in the rest of China, and I expect it to be even worse when I’m on my bike trip. Cell phone coverage is also likely to be poor. So expect delays if you send me an email… I’ll get to it eventually.

Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes on Facebook. Unfortunately FB is completely blocked in China and my VPN can’t get to it either for some reason. So send me an email (scjody@modernduck.com) if it’s important.

& I’m uploading a large number of photos from Vietnam and China. Hopefully I’ll get them all uploaded before I leave Lhasa, but see above. Also kflickr is a giant pile of FAIL but it’s the best flickr client I’ve found :(

How’s Lhasa so far? Great! The Tibetan part of town is very beautiful with prayer flags everywhere. It’s full of Tibetans in all sorts of dress doing the pilgrimage to Jokhang Temple and also full of vendors (but not the pushy, annoying kind.) The other people on the bike tour are awesome too – looking forward to spending the next 3 weeks riding with them.