Robin and I spent the last week in Beijing.. I needed to do some planning, book some tickets, get a visa… and Beijing is a great city anyway (apart from the pollution.)

We’re now on a train from Beijing to Xining. We left the hostel at about the same time but by different routes: she took the bus and I rode my bike. Before entering the station, I pulled out my multitool and took the bike apart to pack it in 2 large canvas bags (frame, fork, and bars in one, wheels and seat in the other.) From then on, it was a bit awkward to carry but I didn’t raise any eyebrows.. there were a few people with even bigger burdens boarding the same train.

It’s now under my seat, and when we get to Xining I’ll put it together for another bit of riding. Robin and I are spending one night there before parting ways for a bit. She couldn’t find an affordable way to visit Tibet (and my bike tour is anything but) so I’m getting on a train to Lhasa and she’s getting on a train to Xian. We’ll meet up in Beijing in just under a month after our separate adventures!

(Entry written May 25, 2010)