Train K23, Beijing-Ulaanbaatar

The start of a new adventure… I’m spending the next few weeks taking the train to London via Mongolia and Russia.

Nothing much is new so far. This is a Chinese-made train and I’m in "hard sleeper." Any other country would call this 3rd class, but China’s peculiar brand of communism doesn’t like to talk about "class."

The car is older than any other Chinese car I’ve ridden in, which is mostly good.. it dates from an era when things were built to last. The only downside is there’s no aircon and it’s 35°C. Hopefully it will cool off at night.

This train service should be called the "sleepless express." I had to get up at 5:15 this morning to make my departure, and much of tonight will be consumed by "fun" at the border. Oh well, I can sleep during the day.

Most of the other passengers (all tourists in my car) got to Beijing by air and are excited by their first Chinese train. Yay adventure!