Double Board, originally uploaded by scjody.

This is the double board – just completed. It was originally designed for an art project called “double rainbow” that may someday be installed at a mall in Montréal or at Burning Man. For now, I’m doing a smaller project using some of the same hardware.

The new project will be installed at a secret event in Montréal on Saturday January 15 at 7 PM. Email me for directions.

It will also be installed at Toronto Decompression – Cold Compress on Saturday, January 22. See here for details on that event.

What does it do? You’ll have to come to one of those events to find out. Or I’ll probably blog about it after the events.

Technical details: it’s built on an Adafruit Protoshield connected to an Arduino Uno. Yes, that’s a DMX connector on the upper left. It still needs a box, and I may end up redoing the whole thing on a new board because the wiring and soldering is a bit rough.