As usual, I’m heading to Burning Man soon. Unlike every other year though, I’m taking it easy. No theme camps, art projects, or anything like that. That hasn’t stopped my campmates from producing some art… I’m extremely impressed with how the “NOW Sundial” led by Simon is coming along! I’ve helped them out a bit and it’s been really nice to be able to spend a few hours helping build a Burning Man project I am NOT responsible for :) :) I definitely needed to take this year off.

I’ve signed up for a few Greeter shifts (again, happy to help with projects someone else is organizing.) Greeters are the official welcoming team at Burning Man, and we greet every vehicle that comes in – to explain the basics to new Burners, and to welcome everyone home. I’m greeting from midnight to 4AM on Tuesday and Friday, and from noon until 4PM on Wednesday – which is the naked shift. Yay for socially appropriate public nudity!

For those of you participating this year, I’ll be camped at NOW camp around 8:30 and D. See you on the playa!