I visited Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories in October last year, and I was struck by the number of 3 legged polar bears I saw.

First, a few 4 legged ones, like the Arctic Alarm bear.  If I hired a polar bear to guard my shop, I’d want him to have a full complement of legs too!
Arctic Alarm

Then there’s this bear from a diamond shop in downtown Yellowknife:
Diamond bear

And the Sorel bear.  Makes sense that a boot company would be able to count legs correctly.
Sorel Bear

So, onto the 3 legged ones.  This is the bear that started my obsession with leg counting.  He works for the Northwest Territories government, and he doesn’t really seem to care.  “Hey, this is a government job.  I just have to do this for another few years and I can retire with a nice pension.”
3 Legged Polar Bear

And then there’s the Canadian North bear.  This bear is pissed off.  “What did you artists do to me?  How am I supposed to fly a plane like this?”
Canadian North Polar Bear

Finally, just to prove that the Northwest Territories government has at least one competent artist on staff, the iconic NWT license plate is in the shape of a… 4 legged polar bear. Hooray!
NWT license plate