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Personal Inbox Zero

It’s been a while coming, but I finally did it. So if you’ve been expecting an email reply from me and didn’t get it, I must have lost your message and please send it again :)

a clean inbox is the sign of a sick mind

OK, on the left is my work inbox.  I finally replied to everything that needed a reply, so everything there came in today, less than 3 hours ago.

Except: whoah, there are 2 messages from the future!

Oh, right, timezones.  That’s not nearly as fun.

I’m also down to the last 5 messages in my personal inbox.. I’ve said I’m going to reply to all of them before, but now I mean it.  I now get 2 automatic emails a week reminding me to… answer email.  Yes.  Progress.  Maybe I’m from the future!

Somewhat back

I’ve been back since Wednesday evening, but still not back to normal: I haven’t caught up on sleep, I’m behind on work, and there’s still a mountain of dirty gear in my living room. Which is too bad since there are interesting things planned for every evening this week. I’ll go to as many of those as I can.

Apparently, people took photos, and I’ll link to those once they’re uploaded. I might even have time to write up something, but not right now…

Awake. Where am I?
   Feels like my bed. OK.
It’s light out. Maybe it’s morning.
   Yes, time to get up.
   (reach for the light switch)
Wait, why are my fingernails black?

Calvin and Hobbes, 1993-04-10

This has pretty much been my reality for the past while. As usual, I meant to do a pile of bike maintenance over the winter but never got a round tuit. But now I’m enjoying getting all my bikes clean and into shape. So far 2 of my bikes plus Robin’s bike are in reasonable shape and one is just ridable but still needs serious work.

The really good part is after years of working on bikes, I finally got a work stand. I don’t know what’s taken me so long – everything’s so much more pleasant now.

And if you’re in Montréal and reading this, feel free to bring your bike by for minor repairs or cleaning. I’ll do the work if you keep me and Aslan company, or I can show you how to do it.

Catching up

I’ve been bad at returning emails (and other similar messages) for years. I’m trying an experiment to do something about it.

From now on, I’m spending 30 minutes per day catching up on email, answering blog comments, and replying to entries. If I run out of all of those, I’ll start new email conversations with people I’ve been meaning to write to for a while, sort and post some of my huge backlog of photos, write blog entries, etc. There’s lots to keep me busy and happy.

How will I find 30 minutes per day? Easy. I’ll do it when I’m “supposed” to be working, like now, and make up the work time later. Yes, this means I might have to work an hour or two on Saturday. C’est la vie…

Hoosic River Ride

Last Saturday was the annual Hoosic River Ride – my third time on the ride, and it’s definitely the highlight of my riding season. cpirate and dfcarney, do try and come next year. I assure you it’s worth the drive. This year was my first time on an actual road bike. I was pleased to discover that my bike, despite having no granny gear, can actually climb, mostly by being really light. I got a flat in the parking lot and started 10 minutes after everyone else, but still managed to pass about half the riders on the first hill.

And yeah, I got back from there at 4 today, worked until 9, returned the car I borrowed for the weekend, and now I’m reading LJ briefly before bed. That’s pretty much how the past month and a bit have been for me. During the week: work, fun (planned in advance), sleep, repeat. Weekend: all fun (planned in advance of course.) So sorry to everyone I haven’t seen or talked with in a while. Life happens :)

It’s way too hot.

“heat wave”:

random whining:

  • Yesterday was the first time ever that I couldn’t eat an ice cream cone quickly enough to stop it from melting down my hand (I eat quickly.)
  • Last night, I got to sleep OK, but then the smoke detector woke me up at 3:30 for no apparent reason. Then I couldn’t sleep.
  • Apparently installing an air conditioner in this apartment in any way that isn’t a brutal hack requires a split unit. That means professional installation and $1500-$2000. So even if I was willing to stick it to the environment, that’s way too much $ for the 5 days a year when I actually need one.


Scanning in progress

I’m finally scanning the huge number of slides (and maybe even the smaller number of filmstrips) I’ve shot since buying an SLR in 1998. This has, perhaps, been my longest-term project ever. rgb lent me a Nikon LS-2000 slide scanner in early 2003. Every time I’ve pulled it out to use it, something different has gone wrong (usually with the hardware – it’s old and balky.) A few weeks ago I finally said to myself that enough is enough and it’s time to get everything scanned. I tried to fix the scanner and concluded that the stepper motor driver is fried. Not wanting to do board level repair without a schematic, I simply bought a new LS-2000 on eBay (they’re obsolete now and go for about $200.) So I now have a new-to-me LS-2000 that works fine, rgb’s SF-200 slide feeder (also balky but easily repaired using an old calling card), and a “parts” LS-2000 I can scavenge from if this one breaks.

So yeah, this time I’m getting the slides done and giving back rgb his a scanner. I might take a few shortcuts – ideally I’d do the colour correction in the scanner software itself, which supports 16 bits per channel, but it’s way easier to do it in the gimp (limited to 8 bits.) I can always reprocess the really good shots later (which likely means never.)

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