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The return of Ceiling Cat

Ceiling Cat finally made it to Montréal from California on Caturday, December 20. I got up on Sunday the 21st and needed something to do as a distraction from the rest of my life. Then I spotted Him, still packed flat and wrapped up in an old bedsheet. There was to be a Solstice celebration that evening in NDG Park with lanterns. Perfect:

Trailer Cat

I spent all day building, then We rode out during the first blizzard of the winter and had fun solsticing.

Thanks to jbailey for getting him here from and for taking the photo above!

Building-of photos here, including how he looked before folding.

a clean inbox is the sign of a sick mind

OK, on the left is my work inbox.  I finally replied to everything that needed a reply, so everything there came in today, less than 3 hours ago.

Except: whoah, there are 2 messages from the future!

Oh, right, timezones.  That’s not nearly as fun.

I’m also down to the last 5 messages in my personal inbox.. I’ve said I’m going to reply to all of them before, but now I mean it.  I now get 2 automatic emails a week reminding me to… answer email.  Yes.  Progress.  Maybe I’m from the future!

XKCD day

Is anyone else interested in driving to Boston on the weekend of the 22nd for XKCD day? I’m currently a “maybe” since RAMROD is scheduled for the Saturday, but I figured I should see who else is interested. I’m not doing that long of a drive on my own.


  • It’s about a 6 hour drive. We need a car. I’ll rent one if necessary.
  • Drive out Saturday. I have offers of couch/floor space for the night.
  • Drink at the CBC.
  • Drive back Sunday evening.
  • If you’re in Ottawa, you take the bus or train here and stay on one of my many spare beds on Friday and/or Sunday nights as necessary.

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