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"Anyway," Dave said. "I had a better idea."
"Different idea," said Morley.  "You had a different idea."

morning bright rise

“Good morning.”
“Have you seen the coffee filters?”
“Corner cupboard.”
“Did you see what Zoe did to the toilet roll?”
“Yeah, that dog can be bad.”
“You’ve worked in a restaurant before?”
“Yeah, I figured I should warm up the coffee cups.”
“Hey, man.”
“Did you see the toilet roll?”
“Yeah. Zoe was bored.”
“Why is there hot water in the coffee cups?”
“Warming them up. Just dump it out.”
“Where are you skiing today?”
“Thanks for letting us stay at your condo.”
“No worries, have fun today.”
“Want some coffee?”

“Time to go?”
“Yeah, I’m on the loading dock.”
“Have a great day everyone!”

I’m on teevee

Calvin and Hobbes, 1993-04-10

This has pretty much been my reality for the past while. As usual, I meant to do a pile of bike maintenance over the winter but never got a round tuit. But now I’m enjoying getting all my bikes clean and into shape. So far 2 of my bikes plus Robin’s bike are in reasonable shape and one is just ridable but still needs serious work.

The really good part is after years of working on bikes, I finally got a work stand. I don’t know what’s taken me so long – everything’s so much more pleasant now.

And if you’re in Montréal and reading this, feel free to bring your bike by for minor repairs or cleaning. I’ll do the work if you keep me and Aslan company, or I can show you how to do it.

who needs pants?

I saw this tag on some underwear and immediately thought of pphaneuf.

Of course, I also bought the underwear.

Date I got my winter bike on the road last season: February 24
Date this year: November 24

Go me!

“The calves retained their golden color and were not yet resigned to the fact of their bisonhood. They frolicked and ran—”I’m going to be a gazelle!”—and acted not at all the stolid beasts they would become.”

— Tim Cahill, Pecked to Death by Ducks

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