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Buttersafe is so much win.

Google Maps now does Montréal transit directions. Finally!

Though I wish I could tell it “don’t bother with a 3 minute bus ride; I’ll walk” or that Mont-Royal is only 7 minutes from here, not 11.

Update: ah, you sorta can do the first one by telling it to go to the métro station of your choice, not your actual destination.

This is too funny not to post: An Interview with the CEO of SixApart, on the occasion of the sale of Livejournal

From rubberduckgrrl, applyspace looks like an interesting solution for those of you on dating sites who are sick of being deluged by messages/emails from idiots who didn’t even bother to read your profile. You can let people apply to be your boyfriend or girlfriend, but since I’m not currently looking for either of those, why don’t you:

Ninja Application
Pirate Application

I know there are a lot of xkcd fans here.. see: Real Geek Heart Beats in Xkcd’s Stick Figures

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