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…and so it begins.

The difference between dreams and plans is when you book a ticket :) I’m traveling in Asia next year!

Air travel booked so far:

Thu Dec 24, 20:50: AC  632, YUL-YYT, arr  0:47 Dec 25.  With Robin and Aslan.
Wed Dec 30,  7:00: AC 1197, YYT-YYZ, arr  9:15.  Robin's heading back to Montréal around the same time.
Wed Dec 30, 12:00: AC    1, YYZ-NRT, arr 15:05 Dec 31

The plan from there: spend ~2 months in Japan with an apartment in Tokyo but traveling all around (Honshu anyway.) Robin will arrive sometime in mid-February so we’ll do some of this together.

Then: fly NRT-SIN and head north overland. Climbing in Krabi/Railay. Visit Laos and Cambodia, but spend most of our time in Thailand and Vietnam. Arrive in China late April/early May and explore there.

Take the train to Lhasa in mid May, possibly alone or maybe this will be the last part of the trip with Robin. Mountain bike Lhasa -> Kathmandu. Fly back to China, train/fly to Beijing.

Around June 20: take the Trans-Mongolian & Trans-Siberian to Moscow/St-Petersburg, hopefully with Clare and Dad. Take another train somewhere that has direct flights to Montréal (AMS?). Fly home late July / early August.

Then… who knows? Probably drive to Burning Man :)

PS Anyone want to rent a plateau 5½ for $1125/month starting in January?

Toronto itinerary

Fri Apr 17, 15:40: Via 65, Montréal-Toronto, arr 20:24
Sun Apr 19, 17:00: Via 66, Toronto-Montréal, arr 21:33

As I mentioned here before, I’m doing the CN Tower Climb, and you can still sponsor me if you like.

morning bright rise

“Good morning.”
“Have you seen the coffee filters?”
“Corner cupboard.”
“Did you see what Zoe did to the toilet roll?”
“Yeah, that dog can be bad.”
“You’ve worked in a restaurant before?”
“Yeah, I figured I should warm up the coffee cups.”
“Hey, man.”
“Did you see the toilet roll?”
“Yeah. Zoe was bored.”
“Why is there hot water in the coffee cups?”
“Warming them up. Just dump it out.”
“Where are you skiing today?”
“Thanks for letting us stay at your condo.”
“No worries, have fun today.”
“Want some coffee?”

“Time to go?”
“Yeah, I’m on the loading dock.”
“Have a great day everyone!”

Protected: Fun in Boulder

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Canoe trip teal deer

Friday night: Met up with 10 other nutcases in front of the Shatner building. It was raining a bit but there was no snow on the ground in Montréal – but things would soon change for us. The drive out to Floodwood Pond was uneventful – the border guard asked us a lot of questions, but I think most of them were because she was bored. After the border the 4 people in our car waited for the other cars, and to our surprise only 6 more people showed up. Our concern quickly vanished as we learned that J.Y. got an urgent call from work and was dropped off in Châteauguay to make his way back to Montréal.
cut for Teal Deer

2 mini reviews

1. If you like EBM music, you need to see the Crüxshadows at your next opportunity. Totally worth the 4 hour drive to Albany from Montréal.

2. The Sol LeWitt exhibit at MASS MoCA is made of pure win. You have approximately 25 years to go see it, so there’s no excuse to miss out. MASS MoCA is in the small town of North Adams – about 1.5 hours out of your way to make the round trip if you’re driving to New York (or Albany) and 2 hours out of your way if you’re heading to Boston.

Sometimes I travel for fun

Fri Oct 24: driving to New York City
Attending NYC Decom
Mon Oct 27: driving back to Montréal

Fri Nov 14, 11:45: Via  61, Montréal-Toronto, arr 16:42
Attending T-comp
Sun Nov 16, 18:35: Via 668, Toronto-Montréal, arr 00:18

Dec 22, 20:30: AC  632, YUL-YYT, arr 00:27 Dec 23
Dec 26, 14:20: AC  653, YYT-YHZ, arr 15:40
Dec 26, 16:10: AC 8865, YHZ-YUL, arr 16:54

Church of Ceiling Cat photos & words

Here are all the Church of Ceiling Cat photos I know of. I was planning to take more on Sunday night, but we ended up taking everything down on Sunday morning.

And here are the words…

nodnol 871 selim

Sun Oct  5, 21:40: BA 94, YUL-LHR, arr  9:05 Oct 6
Thu Oct  9, 19:40: BD 92, LHR-BHD, arr 21:00
Fri Oct 10, 14:50: parents arrive on BD 86
Sun Oct 12, 13:15: BD 87, BHD-LHR, arr 14:30
Sun Oct 12, 17:40: BA 95, LHR-YUL, arr 19:45

LHR for work, BHD to visit family. Unfortunately, I’m not actually working in London but a suburb 1-1.5h out. So I’ll probably only be in London itself on Monday and I’ll be jetlagged and useless. Oh well.


Aug 15,  8:40: AC  761, YUL-SFO, arr 11:40
Aug 21, 11:00: AC  566, YVR-SFO, arr 13:22: obskura arrives
Aug 23 - September 2: Burning Man
Sep 03, 11:45: AC  760, SFO-YUL, arr 20:05

So the plan is to head to SFO and build the Church of Ceiling Cat, which will be a large geodesic dome with a drop ceiling and of course our deity. I’m not sure if this will work. I’ve spent a lot of time planning, but some kinds of plans just can’t be made remotely in advance and I won’t know if everything’s going to work until it does. Or not. Ordinarily this would be no problem, but I’ve told enough people about the Church (and put in enough time and money already) that I feel like I have to make it happen. So it will :) KayOS told me he feels the same way about his poutine-in-the-desert plans – his camp has been repurposed to be the Black Rock Poutine Company.

If you’re burning this year, come and see us: 9:00 and D. Also stop by for poutine at 7:15 and C.

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