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I’m attending a family wedding in Northern Ireland, heading to Aberdeen for a couple of days with the family, then flying home via Iceland and stopping there.

Wed Apr  6, 19:50: AC  864, YUL-LHR, arr  7:30 terminal 3->1
Thu Apr  7, 13:25: AC 6637, LHR-BHD, arr 14:50
Tue Apr 12,  9:20: BA 1305, ABZ-LHR, arr 11:00 terminal 5->1
            13:00: FI  451, LHR-KEF, arr 15:00
Sun Apr 17, 17:00: FI  603, KEF-YYZ, arr 18:55
            22:30: WS  482, YYZ-YUL, arr 23:40


  • Melgert (11 years)

    Hey Jody It’s me Mel. We meet egother in Thailand with Deep Water Solo. I had many pain after I finsh the climb and jump ;) Now i’m back in the Netherlands but I want to travel again but first have to save some money. I had some question for you because you have seen allot from the world. How do you do that? Also save money or work around the world? I hope to here from you. Greets Melgert

    • scjody (11 years)

      Hi Melgert,

      I saved up for about 4 years to do the trips I’ve done in the past year. I haven’t worked since early January but I’m looking for work now and I’m pretty much done travelling for the time being. But I already want to go back to lots of places like Tonsai :)

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