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I’m in your city killing your dudes

We’ve all seen ads on the web that change depending on where they think you are: “Hot Montreal girls that want to fuck you now” or even “Hot Stittsville girls.” I’ve never even been to Stittsville. Maybe I should go – apparently the girls are just as attractive as the girls here, and probably more desperate.

I’m somehow less convinced by this ad though:

Buttersafe is so much win.

I couldn’t sleep on Wednesday night. But I found these, so it’s not all bad.

(clicky for more.)

This is too funny not to post: An Interview with the CEO of SixApart, on the occasion of the sale of Livejournal

email breakage

If you sent email to between ~22:00 last night and ~9:00 this morning (Eastern), I might not get it until 9:00 Saturday morning. I screwed up my DNS and some servers have cached copies of the wrong information. If it’s urgent, email me at
Technical details…

From rubberduckgrrl, applyspace looks like an interesting solution for those of you on dating sites who are sick of being deluged by messages/emails from idiots who didn’t even bother to read your profile. You can let people apply to be your boyfriend or girlfriend, but since I’m not currently looking for either of those, why don’t you:

Ninja Application
Pirate Application

I know there are a lot of xkcd fans here.. see: Real Geek Heart Beats in Xkcd’s Stick Figures

Internet randomness

Continental Airlines is such a tease:

Yeah, I’d like to fly to Tokyo at 11:30 PM! Sadly, it’s for someone else who put in my frequent flyer number by mistake. I hope I get his miles.

Also, I was filling out some stuff on a social networking site, then realized I had been filling out:

Unfortunately, I don’t know who I am. I’ve been trying to figure that out for years. Fine, I can click your little checkboxes, but don’t confuse them with who I am.

That is all.

A couple of things I’ve promised to send people over the past few days:

For those of you who love Craigslist, here’s a disturbingly accurate parody.

Also, mainly for auzure_skies and jbailey, here’s what happens when you have a world famous violinist play anonymously in a busy subway station, and here’s some of the response.

Pictures of walls

Geese For Peace
Many of these are neat.

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